Utilty AI for Unity
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TenPN.DecisionFlex.IAction Interface Reference

Base class for actions DecisionFlex.cs can do. More...

Inheritance diagram for TenPN.DecisionFlex.IAction:
TenPN.DecisionFlex.Action TenPN.DecisionFlex.Demos.ModifyAttribute TenPN.DecisionFlex.Demos.RandomModifyAttribute TenPN.DecisionFlex.Demos.WeaponAction TenPN.DecisionFlex.IdleAction TenPN.DecisionFlex.ToggleScriptAction TenPN.DecisionFlex.UnityEventAction

Public Member Functions

void Perform (IContext context)

Detailed Description

Base class for actions DecisionFlex.cs can do.

DecisionFlex.cs looks for this interface when enumerating possible actions. See structure for more on how to set this up.

If you are integrating DecisionFlex into existing code, you can use this to extend your current behaviours. If you are writing new code, you can derive from Action directly.

Member Function Documentation

void TenPN.DecisionFlex.IAction.Perform ( IContext  context)

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