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TenPN.DecisionFlex.SingleContextFactory Class Referenceabstract

Produces a single IContext object, used to evaulate Considerations when making decisions. More...

Inheritance diagram for TenPN.DecisionFlex.SingleContextFactory:
TenPN.DecisionFlex.ContextFactory TenPN.DecisionFlex.Demos.AttributeContextFactory TenPN.DecisionFlex.Demos.UFOContextFactory

Public Member Functions

abstract IContext SingleContext (Logging loggingSetting)
sealed override IList< IContextAllContexts (Logging loggingSetting)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from TenPN.DecisionFlex.ContextFactory
enum  Logging { Enabled, Disabled }

Detailed Description

Produces a single IContext object, used to evaulate Considerations when making decisions.

Populate your IContext object with the data and details that help your Considerations produce scores. If you want to return multiple contexts, eg for deciding on best enemy/weapon pairs, use a base ContextFactory instead.

Member Function Documentation

sealed override IList<IContext> TenPN.DecisionFlex.SingleContextFactory.AllContexts ( Logging  loggingSetting)
the packaged single context produced from SingleContext

Implements TenPN.DecisionFlex.ContextFactory.

abstract IContext TenPN.DecisionFlex.SingleContextFactory.SingleContext ( Logging  loggingSetting)
pure virtual
a list of IContext objects, each of which will be scored against the decision's actions seperately.
loggingSettingif Logging.Enabled, DecisionFlex::m_isLoggingEnabled is true. You should print or display some debugging info.

Implemented in TenPN.DecisionFlex.Demos.AttributeContextFactory, and TenPN.DecisionFlex.Demos.UFOContextFactory.

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