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TenPN.DecisionFlex.HierarchicalContext Class Reference

context decorator for a tree of contexts More...

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Public Member Functions

 HierarchicalContext (IContext self, IContext parent)
bool HasContext< T > (Object key)
GetContext< T > (Object key)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TenPN.DecisionFlex.IContext
bool HasContext< T > (object key)
GetContext< T > (object key)

Detailed Description

context decorator for a tree of contexts

the weapon selection demo uses one context per enemy, with each parented to a master context that contains inventory context.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TenPN.DecisionFlex.HierarchicalContext.HierarchicalContext ( IContext  self,
IContext  parent 
selfthe first context to check for a key in.
parentthe context to defer to if self doesn't contain the key. can be null.

Member Function Documentation

T TenPN.DecisionFlex.HierarchicalContext.GetContext< T > ( Object  key)

fetches from self first, and parent if not found

bool TenPN.DecisionFlex.HierarchicalContext.HasContext< T > ( Object  key)

true if key in self, or parent

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