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TenPN.DecisionFlex.Consideration Class Referenceabstract

A single influence on the scoring of one action. More...

Inheritance diagram for TenPN.DecisionFlex.Consideration:
TenPN.DecisionFlex.BinaryContextConsideration TenPN.DecisionFlex.BooleanConsideration TenPN.DecisionFlex.ConsiderationScalar TenPN.DecisionFlex.ContextValueConsideration TenPN.DecisionFlex.FloatConsideration TenPN.DecisionFlex.IntConsideration

Public Member Functions

float Consider (IContext context)

Protected Member Functions

abstract float MakeConsideration (IContext context)

Detailed Description

A single influence on the scoring of one action.

Is called once for every IContext passed by a ContextFactory to a DecisionFlex script.

You shouldn't need to routinely derive from this. A number of helper behaviours exist to take care of many situations. See the contact_us page for how to contact us if you think there is an obvious helper missing.

Member Function Documentation

abstract float TenPN.DecisionFlex.Consideration.MakeConsideration ( IContext  context)
protectedpure virtual

Score this IContext. Called once per IContext produced by the ContextFactory during a decision.

Score should not be less than 0, and is normally less than 1. In some cases, returning more than 1 might be desired to drown out other activities.

Implemented in TenPN.DecisionFlex.BinaryContextConsideration, TenPN.DecisionFlex.BooleanConsideration, TenPN.DecisionFlex.ContextValueConsideration, and TenPN.DecisionFlex.ConsiderationScalar.

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