Simple to use, emergent decision making in Unity3D

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Do you want AI that acts in a reliable and human-like manner?

To run to cover, fall back, shoot, or pick up health, depending on location, health, and opponent actions

Or to align the player with one of several factions, depending on player action time and location

An AI that can choose between one of many discrete actions, depending on many interconnected factors

Is your AI implementation becoming a hassle?

Is it a mess of special-case nested if-else statements, or a tangle of state transitions?

Is it time-consuming to maintain and balance? Is it buggy and hard to understand?

Delete all that code! DecisionFlex for Unity can help!

DecisionFlex great at making emergent and human-like AI. It is quick to integrate, with minimal code, full tutorial, and docs. You don't need to understand any complex maths to use it.

DecisionFlex is easy to balance and maintain, using tools you know like the hierarchy and animation curves. It is based on Utility Theory, an increasingly popular approach to decision making. Buy

Is there a DecisionFlex demo?

(Yes, but only on wider desktop browsers)

What does DecisionFlex look like in action?

Hierarchy of multiple decisions


The hierarchy lays out the decision, its actions, and the considerations for each action. It's easy to construct and read.

Animation curves weighing considerations


Tell DecisionFlex how to weigh the factors influencing each action. Use animation curves to easily compare apples to oranges. No complex maths necessary.

Fast and smooth

Source code, examples, and documentation

Comes with the full DF C# source, three wide-ranging example scenes, a tutorial and comprehensive documentation to get you up and running as fast as possible.

Fast and smooth


DecisionFlex runs fast with no allocations out of the box. It copes with pooling. It has tools to timeslice decisions for predictiability and budgeting.

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